Who we are

Amarand Design is an Interior Design studio based in Alicante founded by Thea Simoni (interior designer & Creative Director) and Martin Wells (business partner). The principal activity of the studio is the Interior Architecture and Decoration of residences and boutique businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores and offices. The studio also collaborates with property developers in designing the interiors of their new-builds for sale.

Creating emotions through interior architecture and decoration, with a style that withstands the passing of time, lies at the heart of our work. Warmth and elegance in the design and a special sensitivity to the functionality of the spaces are other characteristics that define us. We like to include in our designs natural materials such as wood, natural stone, cement, linen or silk to create fresh and sophisticated environments with personality for our clients.

We work with a team of highly qualified professionals in their field, such as architects, builders, project managers, artisans, branding consultants, etc.. With expertise in all these areas, we deliver high quality, beautiful and unique projects that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our philosophy

Beauty is deeply rooted in every human being, and consciously or unconsciously we are all looking for beauty during the course of our lives. A beautiful, well designed space, be it our own home, our office, a restaurant or a hotel, will have a positive effect in our emotional state and consequently, enhance the quality of our living.

Our approach to every project starts based on this belief, with a mission of creating for our clients not only a visually attractive space but an environment that is meaningful to them and is an expression of their tastes and ideas on how they want to live.

Cohesiveness and balance between interior architecture and decoration is fundamental to every design project. In our work, all the elements involved in the making of the interiors (distribution of spaces, materials, furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories) speak a common language that translates into a whole unified and harmonious space.