Residential interior design centers on the client’s everyday commodity, lifestyle and their personal taste in aesthetics.

Whether our clients are a couple or a family with kids, whether they prefer to spend time indoors or out, enjoy entertaining friends and family at home, our work starts based on each individual’s needs and lifestyles. Keeping these in mind, we enhance our clients everyday life by designing beautiful and unique homes tailored exactly for them.



An established brand identity is one of the most important factors in having a successful business, and designing the interiors for your business is of crucial value as part of completing the process of building your brand. The style and distribution of the furniture, the quality of materials, the colours, and many other elements, reflect the character and personality of your business and help the customer immediately create an idea of what your business stands for, its quality, integrity, values, etc.

With our work we position our clients’ business above competition by creating an attractive image for them that represents truthfully their brand, attracts them customers, creates trust, and makes their business memorable.


For property developers we design unique interior architecture combined with attractive materials so they can have a beautiful high-end product that differentiates them from the competition, is addressed to the buyer that is looking for something special and as a result makes the sale process much easier and satisfying.

We also design and decorate pilot properties so buyers can get an immediate feel of their new home and see the potential of all the spaces that the property has to offer. With our knowledge of interiors and how people react to them, we enhance the value of the property and make potential buyers feel immediately connected to the space.

Our work in both cases is done based on careful research and working closely with the developers to understand the type of client that the property is built for. The goal is to satisfy the spatial needs and taste in aesthetics of the future buyers.


Our keys-in-hand service is perfect for those who are limited by time or availability and wish not to be involved in the process of the interior design. In this case the client commissions the studio for an overall project execution with a set budget and fixed deadline.

Be it for residential, office or commercial spaces, we take care of the complete process: the renovation, control of work site, making sure that the work is executed with the highest quality and in the way the client wants, contact with the providers confirming that all materials, furniture and accessories are received in a perfect state and on time and purchasing upon request, the additional items like bed linen, towels, kitchenware etc. that make a house a home.

What we do

At Amarand Design we offer a complete interior design and decorating service. Our work might include all or some of the following:
Interior Architecture & Design
  • Refurbishments: we will work directly with you to redistribute your space in a way that makes sense in your already existing interior.  New build: we will work with our own architects or your architects to create beautiful interiors.
  • Outdoor design: if you have an outdoor area (terrace, patio, swimming pool etc.) and would like to make it attractive and suit your needs, we will work directly with you through the whole process: distribution of outdoor spaces, choosing of the materials, greenery, outdoor furniture and other accessories.
  • Selection of materials and finishes such as flooring, tiles, stones, timbers, paints, wallpapers, doors, window frames etc.
  • Custom designed kitchens and bathrooms with structural and cosmetic alterations.
  • Custom designed joinery such as wardrobes or  built-in cabinets that will provide tailored solutions for your needs.
Interior Decoration
  • Selection of furniture, lighting and rugs
  • Design of  bespoke furniture (in case your project needs bespoke furniture we work with skilled craftsmen that bring our design ideas to life).
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Design of window treatments
  • Selection of artworks: we work with different galleries and art dealers so we can select from a broad range of artworks to best fit your project.
  • Selection of accessories and soft furnishing